Light-Medium Roast ● Organic Fair Trade

A renowned coffee bean meticulously balanced between roast and flavor, providing the floral notes that give this coffee world-class status.


Light-Medium Roast ● Direct Trade

The all-natural Mountain Water Decaf is produced using a chemical-free decaffeination water process to remove caffeine from the bean. If you must drink decaffeinated coffee, then you must drink Mountain Water Decaf!


Medium-Dark Roast ● Organic Fair Trade

The highest Columbian grade coffee harvested from the steppes of the Andean slopes. A true coffee classic.

NICARAGUA SHG (Strictly High Grown)

Medium-Dark Roast ● Organic Fair Trade

Strictly High Grown is a designation given only to the highest-grade Nicaraguan coffees, this lighter roast will have you coming back for more.


Light-Medium-Dark Roast ● Direct Trade

Our flagship blend made with a combination of nine different beans of Central American, South American, and African origin, individually roasted at three different teperatures. Complex design - easy to drink.

Covid-19: For your safety and the safety of our employees, we are modeling our business practices to reflect the local, state, and federal coronavirus guidelines. All orders must be placed via phone, email, or online. The main office will be open from 11am - 12pm Monday thrugh Friday for pick-ups. We will continue to update this website to reflect any changes. Thank you and stay safe.


Medium-Dark Roast ● Direct Trade

Our house roast was uniquely created as the perfect boutique cup to serve in restaurants and cafés. Traditionally balanced between flavor and aroma, this blend is the perfect cup of coffee to serve morning, noon, and night.


Dark Roast ● Direct Trade

This Brazilian single origin coffee starts fruity and sweet and ends with a note of dark cocoa. A perfect paring for that morning pastry and evening desert.


Dark Roast ● Fair Trade Organic

Rich in flavor with hints of dark cocoa, this single origin coffee will keep you inspired and send you back for that third cup.


Italian Roast ● Direct Trade

Italian dark roast, full bodied and robust. This cup was inspired by the original Venentian coffee houses, frought with intrigue and imagination.


Medium Roast ● Direct Trade

Solari (Italian for Sun) is our family name blend, handcrafted in old world tradition. Rise with espresso to meet the morning, enlighten your endeavors, and become una persona solari!

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Pastega Coffee Roasters is a local, family owned business in Corvallis, Oregon. We micro-roast to order, insuring the freshest bean to cup coffee drinking experience possible.

To place coffee orders please call our office at 541.452.8028. We are working to update our website to allow for online ordering and purchasing. Thank you!